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Name: Lexi
Breed: Ragdoll (Seal Point)
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Cost: $1,200.00

Serious inquiries only please. 


Meet Lexi, a sweet Ragdoll cat who is eagerly searching for her furever home. With her beautiful contrasting seal point coloring and captivating blue eyes, Lexi is sure to find a place in your heart. 

Lexi is ready to share her love and companionship with her furever family. She has a gentle and affectionate nature, always seeking the comfort and company of her favorite humans. Lexi adores being talked to and loves the attention she gets while being brushed. She will flop and start making air biscuits to get the attention of her human family. Lexi enjoys being in the presence of her family and is never far from our side as we go about our daily lives. 

One of Lexi’s favorite activities is chasing the elusive red dot of a laser light. She’s an expert at providing endless entertainment and laughter for her humans. After an exciting play session, Lexi appreciates a good nap, and she is often be found snoozing away the afternoon in a cozy spot.

Lexi is looking for a quiet and peaceful home environment where she can thrive. She prefers to be the only cat in the household, as she enjoys having all the attention and affection for herself. However, she is open to the possibility of welcoming a new kitten into her life someday in the future. A home without children is preferable. Lexi is a gentle cat but doesn’t enjoy being picked up and carried around. A home where her humans or a gentle dog is with her the majority of the time is our wish for this beautiful girl who has given so much to raising her kittens. She deserves a home where she can truly relax and be herself.

If you are a quite family seeking a Ragdoll companion to bring joy and warmth into your lives, Lexi could be the perfect match for you. Her gentle nature, and playful spirit make her an ideal companion for those looking for a loyal and devoted feline friend.

Lexi is eagerly waiting to find her forever home, where she can be spoiled with love and provide endless companionship in return. If you believe you can offer Lexi the loving environment she deserves, please complete the kitten application and let me know you would like to be considered as a family for Lexi. 


Note: Lexi is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and has been well-cared for throughout her life. Her chosen family will be provided with her genetic test results and her pedigree. Her veterinary records will be transferred electronically to your veterinarian.