Retired Ragdolls

Name: Genotypecats Emmett of Piperbrookragdolls  “Emmett “

Color: Seal Point Mitted

Emmett is retired from the breeding program and will stay at Piperbrook as our “manny”. He has the sweetest disposition and is often found grooming the other ragdolls. He is great company to not only our Ragdoll family but also our human family. 

Name: WasatchRagdolls Pride Leader Mohatu  “Mohatu”

Color: Seal Point BiColor carrying dilute

Mohatu is retired from the breeding program and has found his loving forever home in Kennebunkport Maine. Mohatu will continue to enrich the lives of his new family in the same way he brought laughter and happiness into our home. This fantastic boy will be missed at Piperbrook for his constant companionship, the curious and inquisitive demeanor, his silly antics and daily “conversation”. We will always love this boy and we are happy he’s found a home that will give him the devotion he deserves.